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Matrix Pricing
Parts Pricing Matrix Samples

  Bar Code Information 

**New** Complete Bar Code Information Including  Rules for Out of Range for Wireless Scanners.

Bar Code Scanner Setup Rules

Printout the rule sheet then scan with your bar code scanner

Recommended Bar Code Scanners Symbol USB corded pdf   Symbol wireless Bluetooth
Bar Code Instructions the following Link takes you to the instructions for using a Symbol Bar Code Scanner.
Corded Bar Code Rules for the recommended Symbol LS2208  Corded Bar Code Scanner. Print out then scan with your Bar Code reader.
Free Bar Code Software  so you can create your own Bar Codes. 

3rd Party Software Utilities

Sales Tax Liability Report gives you up to date sales tax collected. View either by Cash or Accrual Basis. Sales Tax Liability Download, Setup Instructions

 Other Computer Tips 

Sharing Printers in Windows 7
Quick Hard Disk Defrag Utility
Set Computer Clock Image
Get Adobe Reader Get Adobe Reader

How To Videos

How to Videos have short download times

Configuration Module

*How do I create a Labor Operation?  Creating a Labor Operation Video
*How do I create a Parts Kit?  Creating a Parts Kit Video
*How do I tie a Parts Kit to a Labor Operation?  Merge Parts Kit and Labor Operation Video
*How do I create a Smart Job with Smart eCat?  How to Create Smart Job Video  Add Labor   Add Parts 
*How do I setup Linear Parts Pricing by Supplier? Linear Parts Pricing by Supplier Setup Video  User Guide Instructions Pages 60-73 pdf
*How do I setup Linear Parts Pricing by Parts Department? Linear Parts Pricing Setup by Department Video  User Guide Instructions Pages 60-73 pdf
*How do I setup Smart Labor Matrix Pricing? Setting up Smart Labor Pricing Video  User Guide Instructions Pages 124-128 pdf
*How do I change my Sales Tax Rate?  How to Change Sales Tax Video
*How do I add Disposal or Hazardous Waste Fees? How to Add Fees Video
*How do I update Fees for Inventory Items Globally? How to Update Fees Video

Helpful Hints

How to Export eMail Address' from the Database
Alternative Smog Cert Setup as a fee. How to Setup and Track 
Adding Multiple Techs to a Job. Screen Shot
Using Text Messages.  How to setup Texting
How do I setup Coupons? Setup Coupons
Alternate Part Number Chaining 
Linear parts pricing matrix setup Samples
Reorganize Database During End of Day Image

How To Videos

How to Videos have short download times

RO's, Estimates & Work In Progress

*How do I look up a customer by the first name?  How to Lookup By First Name Video
*How do I Convert an Estimate to a Repair order? Estimate-Repair Order Conversion Wizard Video
*How do I add an Image to Customer History? How to Add Images to Customer History Video
How do I Finalize an Invoice or Repair Order?  Finalize Repair Order Video
*How do I reverse an advance Payment? Reverse or Change an Advance Payment Video
*How does Integrating CarFax Work? CarFax Integration Video  CarFax press release article pdf
*How do I Transfer History or Vehicles from one customer to another?  Transfer Video

Accounts Receivable

How do I send a Repair Order to Accounts Receivable? Send Repair Order to AR Video

How do I Post a Payment to Accounts Receivable? Post Accounts Receivable Payment Video

How do I create a Credit in Accounts Receivable? AR Credit Video
*How does the integrated Tech Time Clock work? Tech Time Clock Video
*How do I export a mailing list?  How to Export Mailing List Data Video

Coming Soon

How do I Export Customer Data if I do not have the Marketing Module? Coming Soon

For additional assistance please contact me!

Additional Training Data
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